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When we decided to come up with a list of our best scary stories for Halloween, I certainly wasn’t expecting us to come up with the exact same list, partially because we have so many great ones, and partially because Cathy and I don’t always agree. Rather than fight to the death over our favorite thirteen horror stories, we decided to just post two on any day our lists didn’t match. So more for you!

Day Three: Favorite Ghosts by Bryce Emley

I like an old fashioned ghost story. There’s no question whether the ghost is real. And it’s always more fun when it’s kids who are dealing with the ghost. How is this going to shape them? Are they going to survive it? (If I publish it, then most likely yes. I’m not a fan of stories where kids die, especially if it’s just to up the creepy factor.)

— Cathy Lopez

Day Three: Elementary Physics by Laura Garrison

There is something really frightening about empty places, especially ones that are supposed to be full of people. I really like scary stories set in everyday settings. It isn’t so much about the added element – like a monster – but the missing element. Where did all the people go?

— Sarah McDonald