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Day Two: The Scheme Below by Elizabeth Heald

A lot of scary stories delight me for their unnaturalness. The monsters in the dark none of us really believe in, but somehow pop into our heads if we find ourselves in a dark lonely place. The irrational fears that give us pleasant shivers while reading or watching a scary movie that we can dismiss in the bright light of day.

Stories like The Scheme Below by Elizabeth Heald terrify me because of the reality in them. The things that can really happen to people in the course of their lives. Reality scares me way more than fiction ever does. Its one of the reason I avoid ‘based on a true story’ movies, non-fiction, or the news. Our World is a terrible place.

— Sarah McDonald

One of the scariest things in the world to me is Alzheimer’s disease/dementia. What is terrifying for me about this story isn’t the possibility of the something in the woods, it’s that feeling of wanting the word to name something and not being able to find it.

— Cathy Lopez