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As we enter our fourth year of publication, we’ve decided to kick things off with something special. We are pleased to announce the Kraken Awards in Fiction and Poetry.

First prize in each category will be awarded $150, second prize will be awarded $100, third prize will be $50. Five additional finalists will be awarded $10. All eight stories and eight poems will be published in a special Kraken Edition of Devilfish Review, in addition to our usual publication cycle.

In Fiction we are looking for entries of 5,000 words or fewer. The entry fee is $10.

In Poetry we are looking for entries of up to three poems, each poem may be up to 25 lines. The entry fee is $10.

In both Fiction and Poetry we are looking for entries that exemplify Devilfish Review’s mission of publishing speculative fiction and all the lovely things that fall within that heading, such as scifi, fantasy, horror, magic realism, etc. Please, no previously published material. If your story/poetry is currently available via your website/blog, please remove it before entering. We are seeking first publication and anthology rights. If it’s on the internet, it’s been published. If the magazine it was originally published in is now defunct, your first publication rights have still been exercised.

We are reading blind for this contest! Please do not put your name on your manuscript or in your file name. Your name, contact information, and word/line count (respective to fiction and poetry) should only appear in a brief cover letter. (Submittable will helpfully hide the contents of this cover letter from us until your submission information is marked as viewable, which will be done once the judging is finalized. Your file name, however, will be visible to us and should be the same as your title(s).) Should your name appear in the file name or in the manuscript itself, your entry will be withdrawn and your fee will be forfeited. We emphasize this only because of the extremely large number of regular submissions we’ve received with names all over them, despite our submission guidelines to the contrary. Please only one entry per category.

Sarah and I will be judging fiction this year. Katie will be judging poetry. Excess funds from the awards will go towards not only the running of Devilfish Review, but also towards honorariums for guest judges next year. (We do not get honorariums because in the literary world you don’t get paid if you’re the one running the joint.)

Entries are now being accepted on our Submittable page. For the full rules, please see our Kraken Awards page.