First, we are pleased and excited to announce that we’ve sold 19 shirts so far in our TeeSpring campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered. There are still five days to get yours. Can we make it to 20 shirts? We will be absolutely delighted if we do. In these days of multimillion dollar Kickstarters maybe it’s a little silly to be excited about selling 20 shirts, but we weren’t sure we’d sell 10. So, from the very bottom of our dark little hearts, thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far.

To our readers, our dear readers, we are planning plans and plotting plots to bring you more fiction and poetry, more often. In the meantime, we would like your input on our Patreon campaign. We have ideas, but we’re here for you. What would you like to see from us?

To our submitters, we want to give you a heads up that response times may slow slightly in the next couple of weeks. Sarah just left her day job in order to freelance full-time, and has gotten married. (One has little to do with the other, they just sort of happened concurrently.) I’m in the midst of moving to a tiny town in West Texas. It’s exciting, but I may be without internet for a few days. We plan to keep up with submissions, but if there are any delays it is because our lives are taking interesting turns. Which, as I recall, is a curse of sorts. Best not to think about it since I have a nine hour drive ahead of me with a six year old, three cats, and a goldfish. Please send me happy stories with no mention of moving boxes.