Ten is one of those round numbers that, thanks to the usual human configuration of fingers as well as our dependence on the base ten numbering system, people like. It’s a sort of satisfying number. Two whole hands’ worth. Or feet’s worth. We’ve put together what we think is a satisfying set of stories and poems. A vampire, a merman, wooing through science, creepy children, fairy tales of all kinds… more than a handful, more than two handfuls, a whole mindful of imagery and imagination.

First the hard news, due to scheduling conflicts Elizabeth has moved on from Devilfish Review. She will always be a part of the Devilfish family in our hearts, and we wish her the best in her future endeavors, at which we are sure she will excel. For now our former MFA classmate, the lovely and talented Katherine Hoerth, has graciously stepped in as interim poetry editor. She received her MFA in poetry from the University of Texas – Pan American, and has not only published extensively, but has also edited poetry with Fifth Wednesday and Armarillo Bay. The dust should settle in the poetry section by year’s end.

In submission news, we’ve adjusted the way we would like poetry submitted. In an effort to streamline the process and work with a few of Submittable’s more endearing quirks, we are now asking the each poem be submitted as an individual file. This will allow us to make decisions on a poem by poem basis, as well as allowing poets to be more hands on with submissions, such as withdrawing a single poem should it be accepted elsewhere. We still ask that you have no more than five active poetry submissions with us at a given time. Yes, we will be counting. We’d also like to start blind reading submissions. To this end, we are asking that you not put your name in your manuscript or in the file name. Submittable will handle the rest.

Finally, in news that Sarah will probably tell me I should have led with, we’ve joined Patreon. We really enjoy paying our contributors. We’d like to keep doing that. Heck, we’d like to pay them more. Right now, that money comes directly from Sarah and me, and we’re a couple of freelancers with five cats and a six-year old to feed and keep in toys. We definitely do not want to go the ad route. So please, consider throwing a dollar or two our way. If there’s something you think would be a cool reward that we haven’t listed, please let us know!